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THIS. is our school’s basement and honestly, it looks like like a horror movie. It was pretty scary going down there for the first time and when I mentioned it to my other friends they didn’t seemed surprised about it. Apparently fashion majors visit the basement pretty frequently…


So we went into this huge room that was littered with old desks and boxes. The school used to hold classes in the basement which is probably why there was so much supplies. Overall it was a pretty interesting sight. As you can see there were only about two lights on in the entire room which added on to the eerie ambiance, but still it was fun rummaging through old supplies and garments made by previous hsfi fashion majors.


Here’s Marisol looking through the old garments. At the time we were looking for a red dress to fit our “Red Riding Hood” theme, but we ended up scrapping that idea.


Then we went into the props room to see if there were any creepy Halloween props we could use to add to our window. Room B44. Again, it was a pretty creepy experience… We enter the room and find this…


I think I shrieked a little. Maybe I’m just easily startled… Well yea, there was a child mannequin just lying in the rubble.


It was pretty messy in the props room, but in a good kind of artistic kind of way. You could tell people have been in and out placing and taking things from it. There were Easter eggs sprinkled on the floor from previous displays and a “fashion dollar” tree. haha.

In the end, we found some leaves and knick-knacks we could spread over the floor in our forest display and a long heavy red dress we ended up not using.

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